Adult Classes

These courses are suitable for beginners up to most levels of advance students. Please see below for more information of what we can offer.


Adult Beginner

Course Description: Suitable for adults who have little to no prior knowledge of the language and are interested in learning Mandarin Chinese.

Available Branch and Time: Hampstead Branch on Saturday 12.30-14.20pm. 


Adult Intermediate

Course Description: For adults who have either completed 1-year courses or have at least 40 hours of learning experience. By the end of these two stages, students should have covered enough ground to be able to cope with many everyday needs in a Chinese-speaking environment. 

Available Branches and Time: Hampstead Branch on Saturday 14.30-16.20pm/ Sunday 10.00-11.50am


 Adult Advance 

Course Description:This course is suitable for adults who are at an advanced level. Students are supposed to have good skills in conversation, reading and writing. In this course, the vocabulary and sentences will expanded with discussion under a range of topics.

Available Branches and Time: Hampstead Branch on Saturday 12.30-14.20pm